7000Miles "Live Music Community"

In 2012, 7000Miles was founded with the mission to help bridge the gap between international musicians and the professional music scene in the United States.  The primary functions of 7000Miles include Concert Production, promotion, and booking acclaimed live music venues. Ultimate goal is to create a live music community comprised of distinguished musicians from around the globe. ‘7000’ refers to the approximate number of miles between Seoul, Korea and New York City which symbolizes "international" and "cultural exchange" among peer musicians. ‘Miles’ is a tribute to the great jazz musician Miles Davis, one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century, who had this superior sense of choosing the young talents who will lead the future of jazz and modern music.


June Rhee (Founder | Concert Producer)

Since 2012, June has been developing professional skills in the live performance industry by creation of new concert series for various jazz, world-music, K-pop artists throughout New York City.  One of the accomplishments was to open up a door for Korean jazz artists to perform at the world-famous Blue Note Jazz Club. In 2014, June was able to produce world-class jazz vocalist Youn Sun Nah's U.S tour in the Northeast, which was selected as one of the Concerts of the Year by the New York City Jazz Record.  In 2016, June completed a successful K-Pop and jazz artist collaborative concert named Night of Soul feat. Kim Tae Woo with Super Session in Washington DC and New York City with drawing over 800 audience.  June has built strong relationship with acclaimed venues such as Le Poisson Rouge, Rockwood Music Hall, Cutting Room, Blue Note Jazz Club just to name a few. While building intimate live shows in NYC, June joined Bergen Performing Arts Center in 2014 to focus on building cultural programs, especially concentration on Korean culture. In addition to his cultural programs, June had a vision to re-establish the strong household name of Englewood, NJ which town was known as the legendary Dizzy Gillespie’s place. As being a raving fan of intimate NYC jazz clubs himself, June noticed that a fine-looking baby grand piano that was sitting in the VIP reception room without being played to its full extent. With his love in jazz and the potential of the room gave him an idea to launch off the Live! At the Cabaret series, which series is made to present the music of talented musicians performing in various styles and genres.  Prior to joining bergenPAC, June worked at LG Chem, the largest Korean chemical company as a product manager for over four years. June holds a Bachelor of Science in marketing and international business from Indiana University in Bloomington, IN, and currently completing master’s degree in Music Business at New York University.  


Service Area

Concert production, Artist Management, Venue Booking, Media Relations, Tour Coordination, Video Production